Sunday, 13 May 2012


First of all, I just want to wish all our Moms a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!  Moms, you're the best!!!

And I've mentioned the weather.  Oh, I hope by talking about it, I don't jinx it.  Tomorrow, if, we don't say the dreaded 's' word at daycare, but it's white and cold and rhymes with 'row', you know who to blame and I humbly beg your forgiveness.....

But seeing as how it is NOT going to 's' tomorrow, I have made plans for awesome outdoor time!!!!  Dear parents, now that it's warm we will be outside a LOT!!  Your children will get dirty and they will get wet, but they're going to have FUN FUN FUN!!!  For Mother's Day, I got....wait for it....BLUE PLAY SAND!!!!!!!  Our sandbox is now very very colourful, and the frogs and dinos are loving their new lake! 

We also have a Mud Pie Station set up, right now with a baking pan, spoon, green dish, and jug, soon to have pots and assorted other kitcheny things just right for mixing and baking delicious mud pies!  Riley just had to try it out - it's hard to see in the pic, but there is in fact mud in that pan!

As well, we're getting new outdoor 'plank' blocks, I like to call them, that I'm quite excited about and I think the kids are just going to love!  The pieces are from 1x4x8 pieces of spruce that have been cut into 2 feet sections.  We'll have 16 of them, plenty to build whatever our imaginations want!  Opa Peter (you all know Opa, Owen and Riley's Grandpa, my Dad, Opa means Grandfather in German) is sanding them down, making then nice and smooth, and he'll be bringing them over for us in the morning! 

Depending on how warm it gets out, and rumour has it it's going to be up to 30, oh so hot, we also might break out the beloved sprinkler - which, I have to admit, it more likely than not just going to be me with the hose and sprayer!  I'm going to have to get Ashley to bring down the water table!

So, parents, please send your children with a change of clothes....and a hat.....and sunscreen, please!!!!

We'll see you all soon!


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