Friday, 29 June 2012

And to end the year with a bang - DANCE PARTY!!!

Last day of the 2011-2012 school year!

You know, this is one of those times when you promise yourself you wouldn't cry, and then you always tear up, just a little.  Here we are at the end of another fabulous school year!  

I have mixed feelings about the last day of daycare, I always do.  On one hand, YAY SUMMER!!!!  I get to spend time with Owen and Riley, and Ashley too cause he's off of school as well!  We're traveling this summer, visiting friends and family alike, I get to go to Comic-Con (cause I'm a nerd!), we're camping (or as I like to call it, 'glamping'!) and we're all going to have a great time!!!  

On the other hand, I'm going to miss my daycare kids something fierce!!!  I'm so proud of you all and how much you've learned this year, how far you've all come, and how much you've grown!  You are wonderful, funny, kind, helpful, smart, beautiful, energetic, brilliant, and sometimes a little bit stressful children and I won't change anything about you for the world!!  I adore each and every one of you!!!!!!  Thank you so much for being part of my life!!

Big thanks to Moms, Dads, Grandparents, the whole family as well - yep, love you too! 

To my girls heading off to Kindergarten in September, CONGRATS!!!!  I'm so proud of you and I just know you're going to love going to school!  Learn well!!!!  And remember to come visit me every once and a while, kay?

To my kids who'll be returning here, can't wait to see you again!  Have a great summer and remember, have fun!  Get dirty!  Run through the sprinklers!  Laugh!  Play!  Enjoy!!

Bye for now!

Love Christy
....and now for some pictures......more will come along as soon as I get them downloaded......

Thursday, 21 June 2012

random pics from this week!

A special congrats to my husband, Ashley, who received his Masters of Education this week!  I'm so proud of you!  And yes, I am standing on a rock because, yes, there is that much of a height difference!

Listening to the rain bottle

We made maracas!!

Modern day scupltures

We improvised a cookie recipe (2 different kinds of chocolate chips, some oats, and some pumpkin granola cereal) and they were delicious......and messy when they melted!

Bird feeder

More shaving cream and water bead fun

How high can Asher throw the ball?

Our garden is growing up colourfully......and right now that colour is GREEN!

Orange carrots

Purple potatoes

Red strawberries

Even redder strawberries!

Red raspberries

Delicious apples!  Our tree is covered in them this year!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Goop, shaving cream, and waterbeads!

I had the best plans to make Goop (cornstarch and water) with the kids today, I really did......but I completely forgot to get sadly ran out of cornstarch (I just bought a huge box!  Apparently, you go through a lot of cornstarch in daycare, who knew?!) so we only had a measly 3/4 cup to use.  That does not make a lot of Goop, I'm just sayin'.  But did we give up?  I would say not!  We are nothing if not inventive!  We wanted messy play and we were going to GET messy play!!  So what do we do?  We rummage through the supplies and find waterbeads and shaving cream and add them to the Goop!  And what's messier than waterbeads, Goop, and shaving cream all mixed together?!  Not a lot, my friends, not a lot.....

Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids


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If you missed the announcement on Friday or in our June Toddler Approved newsletter, I just wanted to make sure you heard about this awesome event that we're hosting with 20+ bloggers this Summer. Typically we host a Virtual Book Club each month and feature just one book. This summer we will be studying several different authors and we will be showcasing loads of new books!

Each month we will pick a new author to study as part of our Summer Virtual Book Club!

In June we are studying Mo Willems!  

Some of our favorite books by Mo Willems include...

 If you're interested in joining this month's book club, here's what you need to do...

  1. Comment below and let us know that you are joining in!
  2. Pick your favorite book by Mo Willems (or a new one you want to check out) and read it with your child or class.
  3. Create an activity, project, craft, cooking project, etc. related to the book and do it.
  4. Come back and share it with us as part of a big Mo Willems Blog Hop on Monday, June 18th!
I can't wait to see what you create!!

If you want to plan ahead, we'll also be studying the following authors this summer...

July- Don & Audrey Wood (July 16th is the link up)
August- Kevin Henkes (August 20th is the link up)


Just some of the Mo Willems things we've done: