Monday, 18 June 2012

Goop, shaving cream, and waterbeads!

I had the best plans to make Goop (cornstarch and water) with the kids today, I really did......but I completely forgot to get sadly ran out of cornstarch (I just bought a huge box!  Apparently, you go through a lot of cornstarch in daycare, who knew?!) so we only had a measly 3/4 cup to use.  That does not make a lot of Goop, I'm just sayin'.  But did we give up?  I would say not!  We are nothing if not inventive!  We wanted messy play and we were going to GET messy play!!  So what do we do?  We rummage through the supplies and find waterbeads and shaving cream and add them to the Goop!  And what's messier than waterbeads, Goop, and shaving cream all mixed together?!  Not a lot, my friends, not a lot.....

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