Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sometimes these moments just write themselves.....

The conversation behind the pictures:

Brenna, holding up a ziploc with around 2 tbsp of liquid in it: "Wow!  Look at how much lemon juice is left from my apples!"

Christy: "That is a lot, that's to keep them from going brown, yeah?"

Brenna: "My dad does it.  I think he put in more than usual this time."

We all look at the juice for a few moments....can you see where this is going and you know it's not going to be the children to suggest it, don't you?

Christy, in possibly not my best moment ever: "You should TOTALLY drink it!!!"

Brenna: "OK!!!!"

Christy: "No wait!  Hold on!  Not yet!!"

Brenna: "Oh, you're going to get the camera, aren't you?  You want pictures!"

Christy: "Of course I do."

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