Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tomorrow it be TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY, arr arr arrrrrrr!

As ye all be knowing, September 19 be that most glorious of all celebrated days, a little something something I likes ta be calling "Talk Like A Pirate Day"!  'Tis a day when landlubbers, sprogs (aka: the kiddies), and the like can dress up in their pirate finest, sail the Seven Seas in search of treasure, and bellow "Aye Aye Cap't!", "Shiver me timbers!", and "Arrr, it be a fine day to be a pirate, eh, maties?!?!?" at the top of their lungs!

But at Puddles and Mud Childcare, is just one day of Pirate Joy enough?  Nay!  Belay that scurvy thought, my fellow sailors!  It be not!!  We be hoisting the flag on the mainsail for a week long affair!!  
We be having several Pirate Activities planned, Pirate Crafts galore, even Pirate Snacks (pirates be hungry little things, don't ya know)!  Also, we be having a special treat "Dora and the Pirate Pigs" DVD to watch!
Searching for gold doubloons!

Pirates Tunes!

Stamping the Jolly Roger

Pirate Sorting

Game 'o the Sea

Matching Pairs on one side/Pirate Puzzle on the other

Pirate Flags

Pirate Magnetic Book

Pirate Adventures

We be growing our own Pirate Ship

Pirate Sequencing and Sensory Tub

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