Friday, 6 January 2012

New Daycare Tradition: The Birthday Crown

This year, we're starting a new Birthday tradition at Puddles and Mud Childcare, the "Birthday Crown"!  Birthdays are obviously exciting for children, it's their very own super I'm Special day, and I wanted to make them feel just that much more special!  The birthday child gets to wear the *one-of-a-kind Birthday Crown as we all sing Happy Birthday to them!  Then, if they like, they can tell us all about the wonderful things they can do now that they're 3, or 4, or ? age (Sadie, for example, says that now that she's four, she can clean up her play area without being told all by herself, are you listening Mom and Dad?)!  And of course we have to get a special picture of the birthday child wearing the Birthday Crown!

Sadie is 4!

Aubrey is 4!

Ashlyn carefully places the crown on birthday girl Aubrey

*trust me, I made's definitely one of a kind!

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