Tuesday, 31 January 2012

various crafts, activitites and sundry done in January!

Riley (along with Bacon) try the stencils

Toss the duck but don't step on the floor!

Sadie loves to dance!

Sadie also loves to hide in Hot Bean!

Asher experiments with the coloured ice cubes and warm water

Painting with paint-cubes!

Ashlyn decorates with Imagination Paints

Aubrey colours the train tracks!

TADA!  Voila our fabulous meal!!!

Ashlyn shows us how she can knit

Chinese New Year Dancing Dragons

Red and Gold Dragon Kites

The cars are still a huge hit with everyone!

Asher and Nate check out the sensory bottles

I met Tamara, whom I believe started "Spark Your Imagination" here in Kamloops, at a workshop I attended this month and she was nice enough to give me a pack of the "Spark Story Starters" cards!  These are absolutely wonderful, the kids LOVE them, and I would recommend them to anyone!  Thank you so much, Tamara! 

Sadie and Aubrey enjoy some fun in the snow!

Nate and his Goo-Goo Glasses (Naters, did I get the name right?)

Brenna rocks the Hipster glasses!

*a side note to Aubrey: I'm sorry it took me so long to get new pictures up on my "blob"!

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