Monday, 6 February 2012

It's MO WILLEMS Week!!!

For those of you who might not happen to be as fanatical about children's books as I am, Mo Willems is a wonderful, stupendous, amazingly talented author and illustrator of what I would be safe to call my favourite children's books of all time!  I have so very many Mo Willems books, so very very very many:

Some Mo crafts:
Drawing Knuffle Bunny and Piggie

Sadie and Aubrey drew The Pigeon

My friend Tara was wonderful enough to let us borrow her Mo dvds!  I possibly may have blatantly stolen borrowed them before poor Tara even got the plastic wrapping off!  T, you'll get them back as soon as this week is over, promise!  THANKS!!

Aubrey draws "The Pigeon"

Sadie colours her Pigeon

Gerald and Piggie!

Aubrey reads "We Are In a Book"

Sadie reads "The Pigeon Wants A Puppy!"

The Pigeon (incidentally, Mo lists the Pigeon's birthday as April 1st, which just also happens to be mine and Ashley's wedding anniversary - I like the think that gives me an extra special connection to the bird!)

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