Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The ongoing saga of a girl and her daycare.......water damage, renovations, and licensing, oh my!

Well, as many of you know, we've had a bit of a kafuffle at the centre.  And by "kafuffle" I mean a pipe that was slowly leaking for 2 weeks and (YAY!) caused a LOT of damage to the daycare floor and several walls!  Thankfully we caught it before any more damage could be done!  Behold the carnage:

But the good news is that our home is fully licensed for UPSTAIRS as well, and thus UPSTAIRS ADVENTURE TIME has begun!!  Licensing itself came today (cause of course they did!!! Why wouldn't they come now?) and I am thrilled to announce that Puddles and Mud Childcare (despite all the above problems) has passed with flying colours, so YAY US!!!!! 



Blocks, Building, Duckies!

Markers, Stickers, Paper!

Ponies and Petshops!

The Library Couch

Outside Time, lots of outside time!

Hanging out in the Bear Cave!

The restoration company is here as I type and the flooring is all being torn up and the kids are beside themselves with excitement!!!!

A few hours have now passed and the floor is gone!  The fans are on until at least Friday!  My poor poor beautiful daycare is all icky now.  But on the positive note, just think of how wonderful it's going to look when it's all cleaned up and better!! And I'm going to clear out sooooo much stuff!!!  Hooray for optimism!!

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