Tuesday, 13 March 2012

An update on the great daycare renovation of '12

The office walls are painted!  Repeat, the office walls are painted!

Now we await new flooring!  It has been ordered, we're going for the Cherry, and it's going to look LOVELY!  When this is all finally completed, we're going to have a "Grand Reopening" party!  Can't wait!

March 14th new update:  I have just received a call from the flooring company and it looks like our floors will be here by FRIDAY!!!!  They're going to install them during Spring Break and that means that when everyone returns on Monday, March 26th we will have all new wonderful flooring and daycare will once again be in the (gasp!) ACTUAL DAYCARE AREA!!!!  Thank you all for your patience in getting this done, I truly do appreciate it!  I think that the children might be a little disappointed to be leaving upstairs, though.  We did have a great time up there!  The kids did wonderful, I am so proud of them!!

March 14 new update amended:  the flooring guy just came and the Cherry floor that we picked has been discontinued.  We've reordered new floors (again, Cherry but this time a different Cherry) and they should arrive next week, round about Tuesday or Wednesday.  Hopefully they'll be installed on Thursday!!!!  Still not giving up the hope of downstairs daycare come the 26th!!!

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