Monday, 2 April 2012

Daycare renos update and 2 weeks worth of photos!!!

Hello all!  Sorry I've been off the blog for so long!  I'm back now!!! 

First off:  flooring news - here it is April 2nd (Happy Anniversary on the 1st to my wonderful husband, Ashley, btw, and that is actually not an April Fool's joke, I swear!), and I have it confirmed that the flooring is actually coming TOMORROW!!!!!!  We had to reorder it twice but it's finally going to get done!  I am hopeful that the daycare will be back in its intended spot by the end of the Easter long weekend!  I may take me that long to organize things - it looks like a tornado went off downstairs!  I'm scared to face it.....

Easter holidays: just a quick reminder that the centre will be closed for both Good Friday and Easter Monday, April 6th & 9th.  Have a safe and *HOPPY  Easter!!!


Asher and Ashlyn in the sandbox

Asher loves Downward Dog

Aubrey, Sadie, and Asher enjoy the first sandbox of 2012!
"I'm trapped!"

Aubrey and Nate mix pinecones and leaves.

The Amazing Ashlyn jumps through the hoop!

Nate rocks the jester hat!
Enjoying a yummy lunch!

"And this is how we fix this!" says Handyman Nate

1st picnic of the new year!

Sandbox fun!
Sadie in the circus!

Brenna and Owen have a rousing game of basketball

Trying the make the windchimes move!

"No Brenna!  Don't go!!!!"

Tummy Bumps!

The Owl Sisters

Hula hooping AND trampolining?!  What talent, Brenna!

*Yes, it is in fact required by daycare law that I make that joke every Easter!  Why do you ask? 

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  1. The kids look like they're having fun at your daycare, huh. You have a nice and spacious yard – the perfect place for children to play in, and it’s made even better by the mini playground you seem to have set up. It’s great that your kids aren’t just holed up in their rooms, playing with their iPhones and laptops, missing out on the richness of the sun and the fresh morning air. Well, good luck on your renovations, and I hope that it turns out well so you can put more smiles in the face of young kids.

    Celia Maciomhair