Sunday, 29 April 2012

Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You! Celebrate you will, yes!

So, as many of my families know, I tend to celebrate off-beat, obscure, not-really-holidays holidays.  Sept 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day (Arrrg!), Feb 11th we have Mo Willems Week (we love the Pigeon!!), and this Friday, May 4th, is Star Wars Day ("May the Fourth", huh huh, get it?!).  Star Wars crafts, activities, books and games for the entire week!!!!  The little Padawans might even get their picture taken with Bobafett himself!

Admiral Ackbar


Chewbacca, furry curry Chewbacca



Star Wars Mighty Beans

Lightsabres, for all my little Jedi Padawans!

Seek 'n' Find

Matching Jedi and Clone Troopers

Christy's Admiral Ackbar Puppet!

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