Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Kamloops Kids Museum trip

Well, the weather's nice again (finally!) and that means 2 things - LOTS of time outside and BUS TRIPS!!!!  Someday I'll get a daycare van, but right now we're doing the bus!  And the kids get so excited too, I love it!  Today was the first official field trip and we went all the way downtown to the Kamloops Kids Museum.  I accidentally missed the correct stop and we had to walk a few blocks, but as it was so lovely outside that was okay - we got to literally stop and smell the flowers along Seymour Street!  The girls had a great time at the water/dirt table and at the "What's Eating You?" light-up display of skulls!  Dolls?  Naw!  Colouring?  I don't think so!  Dirt and skulls?  Oh yes, now you're talking, people!!!!  They also really liked the new salmon display and the gems and minerals room as well.  And also the black light area - "Hey, I'm glowing!!!" could be heard I'm sure throughout the entire building!      

Waiting for the bus to come.

We made it to the Museum!

Checking out the skulls.

Wonderful colourful foam blocks.

So I walk around the corner and there this is!  I might have screamed, just a smidge.


That's a big horse!

Ashlyn's chicken puppet show.

Sadie loved the dirt and water table!

The water comes out of here!

Self portrait - I love a good top hat.


"My dress is glowing too, look!"

We wonder what's up here?

Wow, that is a big wheel.....

"We're number one!"

I wish this picture was clearer so you could see the look of  "Look at the jewel, it's beautiful" on Sadie's face!

I like that one right there!

Creepiest hat rack EVER!

Checking out the salmon display.

There's fish over here, too!

Dress up in ye olde clothes.

We still have no idea exactly what this is.  Possibly a compass? A really really large compass?

And at the end of the day, we do our clean up!  Way to go, girls!

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