Friday, 6 May 2011

Tron, old school

The boys and I just watched the original Tron.  That is a wicked awesome movie!  I had forgotten how good it actually was, even when you watch it with 9 and 6 year olds who are constantly asking "What's that?"  "Is Tron dead?!"  "Who's that guy?" "Why is he grey??!?!?!?!?!".  Not a bad way to spend a Friday night with the family, I suppose.  So that got me to thinking - what other movies do I remember being excellent as a child (teenager) and would I still think they're as good now?  Tron held up.  Star Wars, all three, yes of course, even the remade versions where they changed the songs (grrrrrrr).  Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - most excellent, still partying on.  Princess Bride, oh yes indeedy (Cary Elwes is still dead sexy) and Willow (Val Kilmer, still delicious after all these years!).  And speaking of Cary and Val, dare I forget the ever cheesy but oh-so-amusing Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Top Secret (that my parents let me watch when I was what? 12?  Way to go, Mom and Dad!).  ET - I'm too scared to watch that again cause I think I'll cry my sweet little eyes out, again.  Same for The Fox and The Hound, remember that?  The Breakfast Club I still like, but I'm no longer that fond of Pretty in Pink (I know, and I'm sorry). 

And what about TV shows?  Maguiver (I know I spelled that wrong)?  The A-Team?  The Young Riders?  I LOVED The Young Riders!  Knight Rider, you know, before whatshisname went all wacko?  The Electric Company?  The cool Batman with Adam West?  Manimal?  Wow, I wonder if you can find Manimal anywhere?  Wasn't there a show in the early 90's called Earth 2?  I remember Ashley and I actually working our schedules around that show.......    

I'm gonna head to the video store and see what they have!  Cheers! 

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