Friday, 6 May 2011


Those of you who know me know I celebrate two main holidays (three if you count Halloween, which goes without saying) throughout the school year - Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th and Star Wars Day on May 4th (get it?  May the 4th?  Yeah?).  But this year the kids and I decided that one mere day was NOT enough to celebrate that most excellent of Trilogies (no, I do not count the new three.  Yes, I'm one of the purists.  But also, yes, I love The Clone Wars) and that we had (HAD!) to now celebrate STAR WARS WEEK!!!!!  And thus began a week long joy ride full of lightsabers, Yoda, AT-AT Walkers (or "T-Walkers", as they were called), and "Luke, I am your FAAATHHHAAAAAA"!


All Star Wars books, all the time....

Fun Foam R2-D2

Marble magnets - these look awesome!

Our special guest for the week!

R2 and Han Solo frozen in Carbonite - the kids used warm water and kosher salt to free the two heros!

more magnets

Darth Toast.  The Sith love PB&J.

A special THANK YOU to Bonnie Burton and her wonderful, Marvelous, FABULOUS Star Wars Craft Book.  Fanboys and girls everywhere are in awe!  Check out Grrrl:

May the Force be with you.  Always.  


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